Disclaimer: this post should be written by a blogger named “BitterB” but I am going to attempt my best to put a positive twist on an irritating real life scenario.

Has someone ever asked you to extend a certain courtesy and then when it’s their time to do the same they drop the ball?  A classic example of this is someone asking you to be on time and then they arrive late.  This is undoubtedly frustrating and it is often hard to give people the benefit of the doubt or overlook the behavior in these scenarios.  So instead of giving my usual advice to those upset by the culprit, I’ve decided to make an appeal to everyone.  Be self aware!  Either gain some more self awareness or start at the bottom up, but be mindful or what YOU are doing and not just everyone else.  If you’ve asked someone to act swiftly for a deadline you need, then do the same for them should they need that courtesy as well.  At the very least use your self awareness to pick up on if you are slacking off and then explain to the other party why this is happening.  A little self deprecation never hurts at times when you’ve blatantly messed up.  Instead of glossing over the fact that you’re a half hour late to a meeting you’ve asked everyone to be on time to- let them know that your 2pm doughnut craving has really taken precedent over developing this month’s budget.    Let others know that YOU know what you’re doing.  No one is perfect or expected to be, but at least acknowledge it when appropriate.  It’s better to call yourself out on the trouble you’re causing then to be put in the hypocrite box by others.  If you are lagging on starting or completing a job for someone who has more then accommodated you- let them know what is going on!  50 shades of grey might be a fun color for off color activities but when it comes to serious scenarios black and white are the only fair sides to stay on.  The only way we can do right by others when we are in the wrong is to be aware of ,our actions and our mistakes and then address them accordingly.