Have you ever found yourself utterly frustrated when trying to communicate a message to someone? You’ve tried making your point 3 different ways and are now considering whether or not you need to pull out a dry erase board and draw out your explanation like a football coach. We’ve probably all been here; and sometimes our message isn’t even that important but the fact that the other party fails to comprehend us drives us harder to want to prove our point. What’s the answer? Just say “okay”. Accept that the other party is not going to understand or agree with you. Sometimes we have to surrender our point and while it may feel that we have “lost” in other ways we have actually won. First off at the point of “okay” we have actively decided to maintain our sanity. I am not going to continue to rant and rave to a person who doesn’t care to hear me out. I am going to put my energy toward other people or productive activities where my input makes a difference. “You still don’t understand? Okay, let’s drop it.” What else does “okay” do? Well to some degree you’ve decided to agree with your opponent. If they find your message unclear or incorrect and you say “okay” then you are aligning with them. When people feel that you are on their side it is more likely that in the future they will agree with you. Saying “okay” might mean to the receiver that you acknowledge your message is not correct or clear. Then they feel they have “won” and you are now on the same team. Next time you approach your teammate it is possible that he will agree with you based solely on the fact that you tried to establish yourselves as being on the same page. Agree to agree and put your valuable energy into more positive places.