Being that yesterday was father’s day I took some time to reflect back on all the wisdom that my father has bestowed upon me.  Among his many talents he is probably the most efficient person I know.  In watching him run a successful business for 30+ years I’ve come to understand that client’s love him for is his prompt approach to work.  He returns calls and emails in the same day they’re received.  He meets deadlines but usually finishes ahead of schedule.  When RUBR was born I applied the same prompt approach to all of my customer interactions and dealings with vendors, manufacturers etc.  It truly makes a difference- why?  Because when people ask a question and  are responded to within a small window of time they feel important.  When a customer feels that his concern is high priority the relationship flourishes.  Have you ever been dissatisfied with a product yet received such great customer service that you buy more from that same brand?  I try to respond back to most calls-emails within 2 or so hours and for the most part people’s initial reactions to my quick response is “wow” or “thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.”  People truly appreciate the respect that a prompt response yields; that feeling can make all the difference in having loyal customers versus one hit wonders.  Not only that but through the prompt approach you also create an image of professionalism and belief in your product/service.  So I’d not only like to thank my father for just generally being an incredible person but for his invaluable lesson on the power of prompt.