With all the talk of Jeremy Lin, I can’t help but think about sports when it comes today’s post.  No, I’m not discussing the failures or successes of the Knicks, but the idea of the individual and the team.  Did you ever hear someone say that he became successful or built an empire all by himself?  Well it’s simply a lie.  No matter how much we THINK we do on our own, our actions, mentally and approach to anything is a true product of our environment.  Environment = people who surround us.  Family, friends, colleagues, people we love or hate, all influence us.  Let’s say you have a friend who run’s a business horribly, chances are you’ll make an effort to run your business in the opposite way.  If you come from a successful family, you are more likely to want to follow in those footsteps.  If your friends are lazy you may also feel a lack of motivation as group mentality is a strong force.   Either way, who and what you surround yourself with impacts your life- whether you want it to or not.  So pick a good team and the benefits will be realized.