Yesterday’s brunch is todays post due to a technical snafu.  But sometimes a good Monday morning breakfast can get the week off to a great start.  When we left of last I asked you to give some thought to the effectiveness in trying to change someone else.  I discussed how change is most fully realized through internal motivation.  So is support/motivation from an external force really necessary?  It honestly depends on the situation; some people thrive with extra support and for others it does not make an ounce of a difference.  One thing is certain though- true change cannot occur from external motivation only.  Why?  Well this means that it is not the “changee” who desires the change, but instead the changer is the one making the push.  No matter how many times someone tells you to work out, eat more vegetables or smoke less cigarettes, no suggestions become meaningful unless they are created within.  So instead of trying to fix the world before being asked for your services, work on yourself.  When your help is needed it will be sought after.