I’m writing this post rather late or early Thursday morning…coming off a night copying promotion 600 codes for RUBR’s special feature on Refinery29.  In my last post I asked you to do some soul searching, reflecting on where you currently are in life and where you’d like to be.  Last year on Valentine’s Day I was making my first break in the fashion world by starting BinStyle.  One year later, I launched a watch line and was 48 hours away from being featured on one of my favorite blogs/websites Refinery29.  The task of manually inputting the promo codes was tedious, however I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to copy and paste for hours.  Would I have preferred to be sleeping at 1, 2am on a weeknight?  Sure.  But, my desire to better myself and my brand put sleep on the back burner.  That’s the thing about change, it only happens as much as we want it.  When I say want, I mean REALLY want.  Want so much that sleep, leisure activities or support from those around you bear little influence on you achieving your goal.  When you truly want something you only need your only motivation to succeed (most of the time).  Which sparks the question is it necessary (and beneficial) to help other people change/make changes?