Remember me?  It’s certainly been a while.  In the second half of 2011 I became an extremely busy “b.”  So busy that I didn’t have the creative mindset to come up with meaningful and worthwhile posts for my wonderful audience.  (If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to take a look at RUBR .)  Just because I opened a new chapter in my life with RUBR, does not mean I didn’t miss my blogging terribly. I definitely felt guilty just taking a complete break from Postivb.  So I decided to make a full blown come back- but in a thoughtfully planned out manner.

Last year on valentines day I launched my other blog  I explained that I chose that launch date as a present to myself- my own valentines day gift.  This year I’ve gifted myself with the re-launch of Postivb- a forum that became really meaningful and rewarding for my own personal growth, and perhaps for my followers too.  Expect more outrageous titles, a ton of real world problem solving scenarios, and of course Sunday brunch- our favorite meal of the week.

Holidays- especially those attached to emotions such as Valentines day- love, often cause us to turn inward and examine our current place in life.  Even moreso, where we’d like to be at this moment in time.  How many times have you heard someone say how lonely, unloved or miserable they are on Valentines day because they aren’t at a romantic restaurant polishing off a bottle of champagne with the love of their life.  Guess what?  Life is not a movie AND just because you’re at a restaurant downing champagne does not mean that you’re at the peak of all happiness (despite how happy champagne makes most people).  But if having a relationship means a great deal to you, and Valentines day reminds you about some aspect of your relationship status- then let this holiday force you to step up to the plate to make a change.  So why are you in your current position?  What can you do to change that?  My favorite use of disappointment/anger is using the feeling as a motivating force to better myself.  You might be surprised at how much you can accomplish in a less than rosy mindset.

P.S. If hearing “I love you” on Valentines day is that important to you- there’s a simple solution.  Tell someone (whos appropriate for this purpose) “I love you.”  Chances are you’ll hear the remark returned.  This way you’ve satisfied your need and also given someone else the joyful jump in hearing that they are loved too.