How do you know when you’ve found the right career, relationship, friendship, living environment or alcohol beverage?   Some of you may answer that any alcoholic beverage is the right one, but overall it’s usually difficult to gauge how good or bad anything is if there is no benchmark for comparison.  Comparing allows us to realize if were on a track of growth or just a better track in general.  If you know that you’re far more miserable at your new job than the old one, you should probably leave.  No, I’m not trying on the Captain Obvious costume for Halloween with that comment, but rather dispelling the myth that new is better.  Is it better if when compared to what you’ve experienced you find yourself wishing for the past?  Comparison not only helps us weed out if a situation is right or wrong, but it also helps us learn about ourselves.  Observing and learning about other people creates that “aha” moment when you realize that you are quite similar or different from someone.  When we find people who we can relate our character with, it’s easy to recognize more about yourself.  It’s also easier to understand who you are not based on learning about other people.  Either way, life does not exist in a vacuum, and we’re pretty lucky that it does not.  Without comparison the sweet isn’t as sweet, or perhaps what you thought was sweet was never sweet to begin with.