I’ve talked previously about getting that sudden rush of momentum, and how important it is to run with it.  Momentum, like any energy eventually dies down; so it is imperative to maximize it.  So what happens when the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place?  We initially feel extreme happiness, but we may also feel a bit of fear.  Why would we be afraid if everything is going well?  The answer has to do with change.  Humans are more resistant than inclined to change; similar to the law of inertia, change is a break in pattern which can be unsettling even if it is positive.  When we are used to a certain routine, situation or circumstance breaking into a new pattern can cause some adverse feelings.  How do you handle this?  Don’t let the fear get the better of you.  So long as the new pattern is in the positive realm the ultimate outcome will be beneficial.  Growing is only accomplished through change, and fear  should never stunt your growth.