Have you ever begun a new project/routine/endeavor filled with excitement and enthusiasm yet found yourself wondering if you will fail?  Self doubt is all too common when we see a challenge ahead.  As humans we are imperfect, so of course the possibility for failure exists; also chances are we have experienced failure in at some point in our lives so we are more aware that it is a potential outcome.  What happens when we worry about failing at our new endeavor?  Nothing.  Well actually something does happen- we pull ourselves off the success course.  Devoting our energy to thoughts of failure takes away from the energy we can put toward being productive and successful.  Is there anything wrong with being realistic and understanding that failure happens?  Of course not.  However, focusing ourselves on that “what if  I can’t accomplish this” thought does not help our chances for success.  So my suggestion is putting on failure blinders.  If failure occurs, well then it occurs.   But if you did not pay it any mind until it actually rears its head then the chances for success are much higher.  Visualizing your desired outcome is much more helpful in attaining success as opposed to worrying about what happens if you do not succeed.  As I said in an earlier post, failure is not an option until you make it one; eliminating failure from your thoughts leaves more room for a winning mindset.