What is joy?  Everyone has their own definition, as joy is a feeling.  I like to think of joy as that smile that you cannot control.  The smile that no matter how hard you try to contain simply presses its way through to public view.  Joy is an overwhelming feeling of happiness.  Even in small doses it is incredibly satisfying.  This is why having a “joy button” that you can activate each day is so important.  Some instances in our lives lend themselves to creating immense doses of joy-i.e. happy occasions.  But not every day is a wedding, birth or job promotion, so we must find the smaller pleasures in live that evoke that little bit of joy to give us that boost when we really need it.  So whether it’s a tv show, song, going to a mindlessly funny website, talking on the phone with a friend, etc. creating a list of the stimuli that make you extra happy and triggering them will add a smile into your day and that is something to smile about.