Being human means that we’re subject to constant and unpredictable change.  We are always evolving as we enter and exit stages of our lives.  Have you ever felt that a situation, friend, job etc. that you once enjoyed no longer fits into your life properly?  I’m guessing everyone is saying yes to this question because changing causes that feeling of friction.  It is difficult to fit into last year’s mold when life has you breaking away from it.  What does this mean?  Well, at the onset of feeling this disconnect from anything that you once liked/loved/enjoyed you probably feel frustrated.  You may feel that there is something wrong with you or another person or situation.  It is not easy to accept that cornerstones of your life 6 months ago may not properly fit in today.  How do you handle this?  Accept the fact that some change has occurred within you or the other party or situation and then stop aggravating yourself over the change.  Change is normal and we must willingly adapt to it.  By putting the old favorites to the back burner and making room for the new and better fitting situations, people, tasks we can operate at our peak.  Just because you give less priority to something at one stage in your life doesn’t mean it must always remain in the “nose bleed section.”  When we shut the door on one part of life, we are simply eliminating an option that doesn’t work for us.  Shutting a door does not mean that you lock it.  There is no real reason to permanently eliminate someone/something from your (unless something extreme has occurred).  If you once treasured an a certain aspect of your life, it’s very possible you can again feel the same way at another point; admiration doesn’t always need to be constant.  As change is continual so too is the order that we make people, places or things a priority in our lives.  The shoe may not fit today- but don’t throw it out, feet swell and shrink, and so does life.