So you went to work with no pants on and realized that as crazy as it may seem you just need certainty in your life.  Now what?  Now that you know who you are, how you operate and why you operate that way, where do you go from here?  Many people will take the “it is what it is” attitude; this is a great line when you want to get out of doing something.  If a particular situation doesn’t seem like it will fit into the mold that you’ve found your behavior sits in, saying “it is what it is” certainly means that you’ll never grow.  However, you can grow and experience new things by making the unfavorable situations fit into your behavior mold.  For example, let’s say after ranking the human needs ‘growth’ happens to be your number one.  If you’re currently in a V.P. position doing marketing, but one day you’re asked to do secretary duties, you will probably find yourself upset by the downgrade (as growth seems unlikely from the situation).  However, if you put a twist on the menial work by- finding more time saving methods for tasks, trying out a new software program to get the work done or simply incorporate some new aspect into the work you need to do, the lower level position will become one of growth.   As Goldie Hawn said in “The First Wives Club,” – “it’s all about angles.”  It’s all about reinterpreting or twisting unfavorable situations into situations that work with your needs.  If a situation is uncertain and you really value certainty, approach the situation with the most certain actions you can; or become aggravated that the situation isn’t in the certainty box and experience it so that it becomes one of certainty.  Once you understand who you are, you can more easily understand how to make the world work in your favor.