In Sunday’s brunch I asked if you’ve ever consciously done the wrong thing, made the wrong decision or gone down the wrong path.  Chances are when you make the wrong choices voluntarily you ask yourself why you do this.  I have some insight to offer on this, and the answer to this query is not as crazy as you may think.  In my training for coaching I learned about the hierarchy of 6 human emotional needs; they are certainty, uncertainty, connection/love, contribution, significance and growth.  When a person ranks these from most important to least important a great deal is revealed about how they can lead the best life and why they act as they do.  In the case of consciously choosing the wrong path, it’s a matter of certainty.  If someone rank’s certainty in their top 3 on the needs list it means that feeling sure about a particular outcome is a behavior that they will gravitate toward.  Meet today’s title- “Going to Work with No Pants On.”  If you go to work without pants (or a skirt) the reaction you’ll receive will be pretty predictable- one of surprise, horror or punishment.  So as crazy as it may seem, the outcome for that action is one of certainty.  Now if you go to work in a new pair of pinstripe pants, the reactions could vary from compliments to criticism; for a person who values certainty, that variability is uncomfortable.  So why do we make the wrong choices at times?  Because knowing that they are wrong is more comforting than being unsure as to how taking the right path could turn out.  Just because the right decision is ‘right,’ it does not mean that it’s free of worry, doubt or fear.  Knowing how much you value certainty can help uncover the reason for your behaviors.  Take a minute to rank those 6 needs, you’d be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself instead of just chalking it up to being ‘crazy.’