I like acronyms a lot.  I came up with this one last night while trying to think of a way to describe blogging.  Essentially it’s just writing, photographing or any sort of discussion on a topic you’re passionate about; even if it’s tracking your evolving journey through life.  Why blog?  Well it’s great for a few reasons- first being you are totally in control of what you blog about.  You actually engage in a project that you fully enjoy because it is driven by a passion.  So maybe you’re a paralegal by day but have a love for trying out new restaurants- become an impromptu food critic with a blog.  The list goes on, and you get the point so I’ll say no more about the endless blog possibilities.  But I will say that if you’re feeling stuck or unsure about a career path a blog can be a great way to figure out a potential direction.  If you’ve wanted to explore how it feels to be involved in a certain field- blog about it.   See if the topic holds your attention and remains enjoyable.  You’d be surprised at what you find you love discussing regularly versus what bores you.  Blogging is also a great way to have a creative outlet if you’re currently in a rigid position at work.  Starting a blog on photography makes your day as a book-keeper a little more balanced, and you a little more sane.  So step outside the box and blog- no guidelines ever, and that’s pretty fabulous.