This is another post that fuses both PositiveB and Binstyle principles.  I loved the combo I did last week and wanted to think up another and here I have it!  Sometimes it’s difficult to get yourself into a certain mode- whether it be work, relax, fun etc., morphing from one state to another isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be.  How does B suggest you remedy this?  Dress the part and then go for an academy award.  What does this mean?  Well when you need to feel like your professional self, putting on a suit, even if you just need to make some business calls at home will force you to feel the professional essence.  Making an important work call in your most comfortable sweat pants can be done; but if you’re needing more of a business edge there is no doubt putting on a button down, blazer or some suiting item will get you there more quickly.  Clothes are essentially costumes- let your outfit dictate your mental state.  This also comes in handy when you’re looking to unwind- dress in light weight clothing, neutral colors and anything that doesn’t make you as aware of yourself.  If you’re looking to get into a party mood or cheer up your spirits then throw on bright colors.  I truly cannot feel sad when I put on a neon pink or lime green t-shirt, the colors make me smile.  Changing your mood can be as simple as changing your outfit- what are you wearing today?