In the last brunch I had asked you to think about how you feel after you eat at levels of normal versus extreme hunger.  I often think of the most severe case being thanksgiving day.  The meal is generally at 3, so many of us eat minimally during the day, saving up the appetite for all the great dishes to come.  By the time we get to the table, we devour the food as if it is our last supper.  What follows is usually extreme discomfort, exhaustion, and difficulty breathing because we are just so full.  Suddenly, we aren’t looking back on the meal with happy thoughts as we are more consumed by how much physical pain we feel from stuffing ourselves like the turkey we ate 20 minutes ago.  We usually over eat in this way because we feel so initially starved.  We believe that we need way more food than humanly normal because we allowed ourselves to get to the painfully hungry point.  Our results are a lethargic food coma.  I’m not here to tell you how to control your portions (though so far it may sound like I am); but I am here to recommend ways that you don’t overdo life by letting yourself mentally starve.  What does this mean?  Well if you’re feeling unhappy, uneasy or generally negative about some aspect of your world, tackling the issue at its onset is far better than letting yourself get to the explosion point.  For example, if you’re feeling dissatisfied with your job, making tweaks at the beginning stages of this feeling could very well prevent you from storming out of the office in a cloud of rage, and whatever else follows that.  Or, let’s say you’re upset with a remark a friend made recently.  If you calmly mention this to your friend, the chances of avoiding the bottle up and explode reaction (when he brings you the wrong type of soda several days later) are far more likely.  The basic idea is not to let yourself reach that point of pain in any situation.  By addressing an issue early on, we avoid acting irrationally.  The pain of your jeans button digging into your stomach is quite similar to the pain you feel after being fired because you called your boss one of various 4 letter words.  No starving up in here.