So this post is a new idea in which I’ve blended both of my blogs into 1 post for today.  BinStyle deals with the material world, and PositivB with the intangible world; but there are many lessons that we can fuse from both.  Meet today’s topic- shampooing your hair.  Through years of trials to find that perfect shampoo for my hair, I’ve come to a final conclusion- there is not one perfect shampoo for me.  Instead, it is the constant rotation of 3 shampoos that keep my hair looking its best.  Why 3?  Well if you give your hair too much of one treatment it just becomes immune and dull to the effects of the shampoo.  However, when you’re constantly changing it up, you locks have no time to become used to anything which equals lovely, shiny, healthy looking hair.  How does this method for shampoo switching apply to life?  Well I think most of us can agree that the law of diminishing returns sets in when we exhaust the use of anything we love too much.  For example,  holding onto a routine too tightly may cause you to operate less efficiently.  Why?  Because when you stop looking for the best way to do something (given you think you already found the best way) it’s very likely you will miss out on a better method.  How many times have you found a restaurant that you loved but after going there for the 17th time in 2 months, the food just isn’t as great?  How many times have you dreaded going to the gym because of the monotony of your work out routine?  Switching up life, like I recommend for shampoo keeps everything fresh, exciting and maintains the enjoyment you receive from those activities/routines that you loved initially.  So just as your hair will never dull from switching shampoos constantly, your life will never operate at less when you allow for openness and variety.

My picks for shampoo rotation- one clarifying shampoo (for those days the hair feels extra dirty). Panteen   One shampoo for hydrating dry locks- Herbal Essences One shampoo free of chemicals L’Oreal.  Happy Shampooing!