My desk has its fair share of rubber bands sitting on it.  Some of them are just sitting limply in a box.; some of them are holding together a few pages; and some of them are stretched to the max around large files.  This got me thinking about the analogy of a human to a rubber band.  In my last post about the secret stress lovers club- those of us who always overwhelm ourselves, we are the rubber bands being stretched to almost maximum capacity.  So what kind of rubber band are you?  If you’re the rubber band who isn’t in use then it’s time to step up to the plate and put yourself to work (in some form).  If you’re the rubber band in use but with a lot more room to expand, then it’s time to look at that list of things you always wanted to do.  Guess what?  If there’s room for expansion then there is room for extra activity in your life.  If you are the rubber band almost stretched to the breaking point then evaluate what you’re being stretched with.  Is everything you’re filled up with worth that effort?  Is there perhaps some high sodium soy sauce under your belt?  While I encourage everyone to stretch themselves to a tense yet manageable rubber band capacity, I also encourage this stretching be done with meaningful components.  Just don’t let yourself be the limp rubber band- I think we can agree that anything limp is unattractive.