In Sunday’s post I asked you to consider where you fall on the keeping busy scale.  My answer to the brunch was that I tend to be the over scheduled person who never stops.  In the buffet of life I’ve really piled my plate high (think Vince Vaugh in the breakfast scene of Wedding Crashers when he fills his plate with every morsel of food offered).  As much as I will mention that I rarely have a moment of down time, I’ve also come to realize that I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I really love being busy, and when I do have the occasional spare gaps in my schedule I’m always finding a way to fill them up.  Both of my parents are the exact same way, especially my father.  For a man who works a minimum of 10 hours a day (and often complains about wanting some down time), he somehow finds different projects to occupy himself with around the house when he isn’t working.  This lead to my formation of the Secret Stress Lover’s Club.  Those people who are “stressed out”, over scheduled, or constantly busy are so because at their core they want to be (over) occupied.  We are not happy when there isn’t a “to do” list.  We want to continuously be on the run.  Now make no mistake, we will complain about our overfilled plates, but we’ve designed the plate to be full.  The members of this club crave consistent stimulation which is why they jam pack their calendars.  So even though one of us has a full day of work and then an evening spin class, we will also run out to help our friend plan a trip or go for birthday drinks because we can squeeze it in.  The secret stress lover’s club- meetings scheduled in place of a nap.