Picture this scenario (a fairly common one at that): you’re sitting at the threshold of making any decision, you know there are risks and the possibility of failure certainly exists; and you wonder if playing it safe is just the best option for the overall picture.  I’m sure many of us feel this way a few times a week in fact.  Here’s what my take on the “freeze or fail” dilemma- the only way we move forward is by moving at all.  When you take that leap you may fall into success or maybe to failure- but if it didn’t kill you, ultimately you will carry on.  What do we come away with from failure?  A new lesson.  A new strategy.  A new view on which direction we should go in.  So whether or not we succeed or fail when we make a move, the point is we moved.  Even if you fell backward, you will eventually move forward.  When you sit in one spot frozen, nothing gets accomplished, except for maybe your foot falling asleep.  It’s really tough to walk on feet that have pins and needles- don’t let yourself ever become comfortable with that feeling.