In Sunday’s brunch I asked you to think about what stops you from doing what you want to.  In a country where we are “free” to do as we please, how many times have you heard people complain that they cannot do something.  There are certainly some situations where under special circumstances things are impossible (yes positivb acknowledges that impossibility exists) but for the most part you can truly do anything that you want to.  What really lies at the core of our “no” when it comes to being able to achieve something, is how much we really want what we’re after.  Sometimes we even fool ourselves into believing that we want something so badly, but for xyz reasons we can’t cross the finish line.  No matter how difficult, disappointing or dreadful (yes I enjoy alliteration at times) the road may be to getting what we want, we will endure whatever necessary and be miserable for however long it takes for us to reach a goal that we GENUINELY want.  So next time you find yourself singing the “I can’t” song, ask yourself, do I even want to be able to say “I can.”  If  you’re answering no, then move on.  Life is too short to waste our time achieving things that we don’t actually want to achieve.