Immediately I’m thinking of some characters in a night club like Pacha, or maybe the Jersey shore.  Just people who love their sunglasses and don’t really care that are not necessary when there is no light outside.  Wearing sunglasses at night- while being a fashion statement, is actually pretty dangerous.  I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer here, but the chances that you’ll trip over something, or just have a great deal of difficulty seeing in general is pretty likely.  Wearing sunglasses at night is actually enhancing a bad situation- that being it is already difficult enough to see in the dark, and yet you’ve voluntarily chosen to make your surroundings appear that much darker.  What about applying that same principle in the intangible sense.  Have you ever made a bad situation worse?  Chances are the answer is yes- we all do it.  We all occasionally say something like “well things are already this bad, having them be a little worse isn’t a big deal.”  Guess what?  It is.  Quitting the job search when you’re finding it very difficult pretty much guarantees that you will not be getting employment.  Giving up on a work out routine because you didn’t lose 7 pounds in 3 days will guarantee that it’s going to be more difficult to shed some weight.  Leaving a craft fair (as a vendor) after two hours when no one has shown up guarantees that you’ll make no extra sales that day.  This actually occurred yesterday for me, as I went to a fair with my watches that was poorly advertised and barely anyone showed up to.  The vendor next to me packed up two hours in.  I stuck it out as one of the last tables there until the fair coordinator shut down the fair 2 hours early due to lack of traffic.  Yes it was a disappointing day, but had a I packed up when my neighbor did I would not have made the few sales that I did.  I refused to wear my sunglasses at night.  So even though things were bad, I didn’t let them get worse.  Years ago I wore sun glasses out to a night club as a joke to make my friends laugh.  But I will never treat the important aspects of life as something to kid around about; neither should you.