How many times have you asked yourself a question like the one in today’s title?  Or, how many times have you attempted to guess what someone was thinking about you who you never met or perhaps never heard their opinion on the subject before?  In an age where most of us have minimal patience for finding out what is real vs. fiction, we tend to judge and jump to conclusions pretty quickly.  Since we are usually the toughest on ourselves, we project our opinions onto others.  So if I’m one day I’m feeling fat, it is likely I’ll assume everyone else feels this way too.  We create these scenarios which may be completely false but satisfy our need for instant gratification.  Here’s a thought- why not forgo the joy of having an immediate answer for either finding out the real truth or even evaluating if this truth is worth knowing?  In the scheme of things does it really matter what a stranger thinks of you (certain exceptions apply)?  Usually not.  Is it worth your energy to make an assumption about what someone is thinking and then act as if it’s true?  Absolutely not.  Stop creating scenarios that make you counter productive or distracted and start operating in the real world.  When you focus on what is actually happening, what you can control and what actually holds value in the big picture, you will be surprised at how much fat you can trim from your life-fat that whether or not anyone can see at the gym, is essential for you to lose.