Our general happiness depends on certain key factors- and your environment plays a huge role to say the least.  Feeling connected, secure and happy to live where you do affects how you enjoy other aspects of your life.  For example, if you dread the warm weather and live in Miami, then you’ll arrive at work every day feeling negative simply because of the climate you just experienced.  If you love a laid-back pace then living in a bustling city like New York will make you a nervous wreck.  If you have a difficult time making connections with your neighbors, or establishing any sort of relationship in your area, your happiness also suffers.  When we are unhappy about one aspect of life it of course impedes upon how we enjoy everything else.  So by changing up your environment (to something better of course) you’ll find more happiness in everything else.  Live your life in a place that fits you and live it well in the right environment.