Yesterday I asked you to evaluate where your core drives are coming from right now.  How much are you doing because you truly want to?  How much are you doing to satisfy your ego?  To better illustrate this example let’s look at this through the career lens.  You’re pursuing a career in dentistry; everyone in your family is in the dental field so it was just expected that you’d do the same.  Of course you don’t want to let anyone down, and you know that it is a stable/fairly lucrative job so this is where you’ve set your course.  This situation illustrates satisfying the ego.  The drive comes from the fact that you’re avoiding embarrassment/disappointment from your family and yourself.  You always had an interest in engineering since childhood, but it just wasn’t a part of what “fit” into the mold for yourself.  If you decided to pursue engineering you probably would have satisfied “Earnest” the imaginary person who is actually yourself (encompassing the genuine desires toward something).  When we operate from Earnest our outcomes make us truly happy.  We don’t reach the finish line thinking well I avoided “x” problem by accomplishing this.  In the relationship sense think about the situations where you haven’t really liked someone, but when they stop giving you attention suddenly you become upset.  The bruise to your ego then compels you to seek out this person, not a genuine desire for their company (after all you had it at one point).  Recognizing where your drives come from is very important.  When we operate from a place of ego, we are essentially putting energy toward things/people we actually do not want.  So reaching the ego finish lines only postpones us from reaching our earnest finish lines.  Why not leave the ego at the start gate and simply go after what you actually want?