In today’s world it’s so easy to fall into the grind of work or a relationship becoming your life.  Guess what?  Your job or partner does not define who you are.  It is certainly a part (a large part) of life, but usually does not give extra insight into who you are.  The way you spend your free time provides a better picture of your true self.   A hobby allows us to spice up the routine, add some enjoyment to a dull day or remove you from the mechanical world.  Through a hobby you “de-plain” (this might be a made up word) your life.  By day a paralegal, but on the weekends you horseback ride, cook or take salsa classes.   Suddenly that paralegal job doesn’t comprise who you are anymore; the way your free time is used takes that role.  A hobby doesn’t need anyone else but you to enjoy.  It is your escape or transition into a more enjoyable time frame.  It allows your creative energy to come alive beyond the constrains of everyday life.  Many people who only work and do not engage in other real activities find their jobs much less enjoyable than those who have hobbies.  Think about it, if you have a 9-6 work day of filing and answering phones followed by nothing else for the evening, your main energy focus is on work.  However, if you have that same 9-6 but at 6:30 go do volunteer work, take kickboxing or have your runners club meeting, your energy is dispersed differently.  Add some zest to the bland dish of life by simply adding a hobby to your routine.