Remember the old days?  Remember how much you loved your job 2 years ago?  Remember how much fun you and your best friend had 10 years ago?  Remember how wonderful the first 3 months of dating your current significant other were?  Well as fond as these memories are, the feelings the conjure up may not be able to be conjured up at this very moment.  Life is constantly changing so we must change with it.  To say that you once enjoyed something but presently feel differently about it is completely normal.  So as unimaginable as it may have seemed that you would hate your job, friend or date- change allows this reality to occur.  Reacting with these changes is key in maintaining a balanced, happy and fulfilled life.   Reminiscing about the happiness of the past will never bring it back.  If you want to live in the present (and plan for a positive future) you must be changing with change.