In Sunday’s post I asked you to think about who your alter- ego is.  Well who is it?  Some people consider the alter-ego to be the person they wish they could be.  I take a different standpoint on the alter-ego.  It seems more like another facet of someone’s personality; perhaps another part of you that doesn’t appear so much but is in the picture.  Befriending and taking time to incorporate more of this part into your life can do great things.  Consistently acting in your routine self can get monotonous after a while.  When you explore the other side of yourself not only do you mix things up a bit, but you’re also expanding your potential.  So if by day you’re a computer programmer, but have always had a love for guitar- take weekly guitar lessons.  If you used to love to travel but have fallen into work mode for a little too long- it’s time to bring the adventurer out again.  Finding your alter-ego is just about discovering more of yourself.  You can quickly become a more interesting, whole or diverse person by bringing the alter-ego into the mix.  How will you incorporate that side of you into your life right now?