Inspired by a great conversation I had last night (you know who you are) comes today’s title.  In most of my posts and advice I give, I usually recommend making smart choices.  This means going into a situation fairly prepared and with some assurance that you’ve put yourself on the right track.  There is a fine line between thinking something through versus over-thinking.  Thinking through is making the decision to go back to school for an MBA in marketing because you’re working in the business sector, you believe it will enhance your professional portfolio and  you love marketing.  Thinking something through occurs when you have an initial instinct that X decision is correct, and you are just seeing ahead the next few steps.  We cross over into the over-thinking realm when we’ve taken a decision which we know is right and then start the second guessing or worst possible outcome thought process.  Over-thinking turns our dream into a nightmare or strength into a weakness.  Generally going with our first instinct is the correct decision (aside from initially thinking that going sky diving without a parachute will give a better rush).  There’s a reason why at first thought you believed something was right.  Doubt will always arise, but when we don’t give it the time to (aka stop thinking) we execute with more conviction.  Stop thinking and do.