I went to see the move “Bridesmaids” the other night.  It was almost a female version of “The Hangover” to some degree, but with the spotlight on a truly tragic female character- Annie.  Everything just got progressively worse for her throughout the movie.  The funny thing was that her spiral downward was completely her fault; but she chose to victimize herself.  According to Annie the other bridesmaid, Helen, was the cause for her mental breakdown.  She couldn’t be more wrong.  Annie had full control of her behavior and choices.  Of course it’s always easier to blame anything else- a nemesis, your parents, your spouse, your dog, or even your fake plant, for the troubles in your life.  Fact of the matter is unless it’s a hostage situation (yes literally being held at gunpoint forced to act a certain way) you have control over your life and whatever great or horrible direction it takes.  The video clip I posted Sunday delivered the message- “if you want something go get it.”  Again unless a gun is being held to your head preventing you from getting what you want, fulfilling your desires is totally possible.  Even if there are some limiting factors present, you can always begin taking small steps toward your dream.  Stop holding yourself hostage, and start leading a better life.