I was speaking with a friend recently who was telling me about her frustration with another friend.  In a nutshell, she was constantly suppressing her anger/sadness toward this friend because she was aware that this friend was also feeling angry/upset.  Holding back these feelings from her friend only made her more aggravated toward her friend.  Does this situation sound familiar?  Do you ever keep your feelings covered up because you feel that another person’s are more important (or the other person tries to convince you that his/her feelings take precedent over yours)?  I have great news for everyone.  Feelings are currently free of charge.  And with the rising prices of gas, I say let’s take all the free things in life that we can.  Both you and your friend are entitled to feel angry or sad.  There is no emotional balance beam.  As long as you don’t dismiss your friend’s emotional strife, you are doing nothing wrong in acknowledging both your friend’s feelings and your OWN.  Be sad together!  Be angry together!  They say misery loves company, think about that next time you’re about to put your feelings on hold.