The other day in the supermarket I saw the giant watermelon display and ran over immediately.  I love watermelon and was excited to see it back in season.  Then I began the process of choosing one- I honestly had no idea what made one watermelon better than the next.  So I just picked one without any dents, crossed my fingers and hoped that I wouldn’t be disappointed when I cut it open at home (luckily it turned out okay).  The haphazard way that I chose the watermelon clearly had a lot of risk attached to it- but at the same time this type of gamble is acceptable to take in life.  But when it comes to other decisions, the watermelon method is dangerous; especially when it comes to deciding on a job/career.  So many people feel lucky to get offered any position that they immediately jump in without realizing what they’ve just done.  Is getting a job initially exciting? Yes.  Is a paycheck helpful for life? Certainly.  Is it possible that you’ve doomed yourself for 40+ hours a week of pure misery because you had no idea what this job entailed?  Definitely.  Knowing yourself, your values, your strengths and your standards AND keeping them in mind while doing the job hunt will increase the chances of finding the right work fit. When I begin career work with a client I always seek out the “shining” factors in their personality.  Why?  Because you should (and must) remember who you are in the job search process.  Take a gamble with watermelons- not with your sanity.