So today is Friday the 13th and we all know the stigma attached to that date.  Many of us will walk around today wondering what bad luck will strike.  My question is, why are we automatically expecting something bad to happen?  We place so much expectation on certain situations that often times we end up creating our expected outcome; or we become disappointed when it does not occur as we hoped.  Instead of expecting the good or the bad how about we expect nothing at all?  I’m not suggesting that we lower our standards, there’s no mistake about that.  But, when it comes to making these assumptions we are certainly doing a disservice to ourselves.  Setting yourself up for the worst day (or the best day) ever does nothing to help you.  Chances are you will be more focused on finding this assumed outcome rather than just taking the day (or experience) as it comes.  There’s something to be said about living life as it happens to you rather than mentally arriving at the finish line before you’ve physically reached it.  So please put down the crystal ball- you’re not Miss Cleo.