How many times have you reflected back on a situation and heard those three words go through your mind?  Unless situations end perfectly (and how often does that happen) there are always aspects to be improved upon.  So on one hand it is important to evaluate past experiences and consider what you may have changed the second time around.  But after you’ve gone through that reflecting period, dwelling on that experience for too long is simply a waste of time.  This is not the movie “Back to the Future.”  As much as you would have liked to say “y” instead of “x” it is simply impossible.  Instead of focusing on what you cannot change, prepare yourself for what is possible.  Let your past mistakes help you build a better future.  Make the “coulda” into “can,” the “woulda” into “will,” and “shoulda” into “shall.”  Until another magical DeLorean model is released we can only use the past to make tomorrow better.

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