When I was learning to tie my shoes my mom taught me the “bunny ear” method.  I still tie my shoes like that today.  I’ve tried the more advanced “over and through” system but it just takes more time.  Is my way of tying shoes a little more juvenile?  Yes.  Does it work best for me?  Yes.  Do I have the same finished product as the people who use “over and through?”  Yes.  So I’ve accepted that this system works and I’m going to stick to it.  Many of us often feel pressure to do things a certain way because it is the ‘norm’ or more socially acceptable.  However, if the method doesn’t mesh with your style, then what are you really gaining from going the popular route?  So long as you’re achieving the desired result the method used is relatively unimportant. Be efficient!  Find a system that works and stick to it!