Happy mothers day everyone!  Today whether we are celebrating with our mothers or not, taking time to find what you are grateful for from that mother-like (not everyone has a traditional mom) figure in your life has many benefits.  First off, recognizing and acknowledging your mom (and making her aware of it) will boost her spirits.  One of my best friends just had a baby, and it is only now that I realize the sacrifice motherhood carries.  So, letting your mom know how much you appreciate everything she has done truly does make a difference.  Feeling gratitude also stands to benefit you.  How?  Well, when we enter a state of gratitude (and focus ourselves there), we are unable to feel negative emotions.  So whenever you want to pull yourself up from a low place, simply think about everything you’re grateful for having.  Let your mom help you for the millionth time today, by feeling gratitude for everything she’s done.  Thank you mom, once again.  A very happy mother’s day to my amazing mom, and my newest favorite mom- Michele!  I love you both.