I really love that video from my last post.  When I first watched I had no idea how many of history’s “greats” were told no before their tremendous success.  It really makes you think doesn’t it?  If you strongly believe that you are meant to do something, who is to say that you can’t?  Being told “no” really tests who you are and furthermore how serious you are about your dream.  If one “no” has you saying “forget this” then perhaps the “this” is not your true passion.  The determination you feel toward achieving or realizing your passion is a great measure for knowing if you’ve found it.  Another factor to consider is where the “no” came from.  Humans are imperfect, so who can truly tell another person “no” with such absolute certainty.  Maybe this judge is jealous.  Maybe this judge simply does not like you and will veto any steps toward success you are taking.  Maybe this judge is having a bad day and is taking it out on you at that moment.  Personally, I find hearing no to be more of an incentive to achieve.  There is certainly a small victory associated with proving others wrong, on top of fulfilling your dream.  “No” makes your ultimate “yes” a little sweeter.