That’s a mouthful right?  The title is actually two thoughts in one; I’ll break each one down as I explain what everything means.  One of the many ways we can classify our society is by people who are sensitive or insensitive.  Please note that insensitive does not have a negative connotation in this context.  It simply means that they don’t read into the meaning behind “x,” can easily brush things off or need a little extra button pushing in order for something to truly bother them.  It all boils down to how you perceive the world.  Have you ever been accused of being too sensitive or insensitive?  When one sensitive and one insensitive person interact difficulties often arise.  How do we deal with this?  Well the insensitive need to become more sensitive to the sensitive people and the sensitive people need to become less sensitive to the insensitive (voila the title broken down).  First off, never try to sway the person to join your side of the sensitivity argument.  You will not switch a persons core emotions on something from being sensitive to insensitive.   Instead, try to see things through their model of the world.  This tactic comes in handy especially when you’re trying to have someone agree with you on a topic.  So let’s say you play for the insensitive team, in presenting an idea or argument to a sensitive person you need to do it with a sensitive perception in mind.  Speaking the audiences’ language is really the only way to carry a point across unless you are dealing with like-minded people.  For a sensitive person speaking to an insensitive person the same holds true.  Make your argument less emotional and more rational.  No single view of the world is truly right or wrong, unless basic moral principles are being disregarded.  So when deciding to interact with someone who doesn’t see the world as you do either accept and adjust or simply don’t engage.  Just because you were not born speaking the same language as your co-worker/spouse/mom/best friend doesn’t mean you can’t learn to.