I’d like to thank T.A. for helping me craft the idea for this post.

Last week we said goodbye to the high sodium soy sauce (useless aspects) of our lives.  I don’t know about you but I’m feeling light (pre-seder meal) energized and definitely less stressed.  Making the positive cut backs in your life opens up time to explore other activities that will really fulfill you.  The whole idea of allowing more free time in your schedule isn’t so you can take longer naps; the increase in “you” time should be used to augment your soul.  I know that sounds super dramatic, but it’s really true.  Since the nonsense is gone from your life (for the most part) you can now add in lucrative elements to your routine.  The only way we grow is by pushing ourselves beyond what we normally do.  Augmenting your soul is stepping yourself up to that next level.  How long are you truly content with yourself for?  Maybe a few days or a week after a big accomplishment; but after that most of us are looking for that next high.  This is why going through the process of removing the useless to make room for the useful is so important and needs to be done frequently.  Whether we know it or not we are constantly growing, so we must make sure our lives allow for this to effectively happen.  I had really wanted to do a blog about fashion and image consultant work.  With all of my obligations and then developing this blog, I convinced myself that I simply did not have the time.  After looking at my daily schedule and pulling out all of the meaningless activities (the breast augmentation metaphor) I realized that I did in fact have time for the second blog project.  I’m incredibly proud to have launched BinStyle.  At the end of the day I feel much more fulfilled having a second blog running as opposed to taking the 45 minute nap after the gym class.  That nap was a staple of my Saturday schedule and in its place I found time to photograph and write about my fashion subject for the first post.  I made several other tweaks in my schedule that allow me to pursue my own growth rather than remain superficially stagnant.  Imagine- you can grow without increasing your waist or cup size and in the long run it feels a lot better.