Being that tomorrow is April 15th the saying “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” comes to mind. While death and taxes will always exist- so do many other certainties in life.  Meet today’s title “Accepting the Sunset; Expecting the Sunrise.”  We can be certain that in the span of our lives we will find ourselves in peaks and valleys.  Ever have one of those days when everything is going really well?  How about a day when everything is going wrong?  I’ll boldly answer for the audience and say yes to both those questions.  Human existence is naturally imperfect- aka we fail.  Guess what?  It’s okay to fail; in fact, it often opens up the door to finding success.  We view the world differently at that point where there is no where else to go but up (toward success).  We are more inclined to explore what exists beyond our current world.  We are more inclined to take that plunge into that thing ‘I always wanted to do but never did’ having reached the ‘I have nothing to lose’ point.  We also become more resourceful at the point of sunset.  Think about it- if you failed an exam, chances are you’ll step up your studying a lot more than if you had received a decent grade.  Maybe you’ll even do better than usual because you were so motivated by your failure.  Similarly, in the workplace when we feel ourselves failing our next action might be revamping an approach that produces more spectacular results.  Or maybe that failure forces us to take stock of this job/career and finally decide if it is really right for us.  Point being- moving from the sunset to the sunrise (path to success) is never too distant a ways away.  You can be certain of that.