Today is my birthday!  Yes, I’m one year older and honestly that’s all.  So many people dread their birthdays, get extremely upset on the day of or pine away in misery at the thought of climbing the age ladder.  Guess what?  Getting older is one experience that every human can share.  You are not being singled out to have one more notch put on the belt of life; this is simply a reality that is unavoidable.  The notion that getting older leads to looking more aged is certainly upsetting.  Guess what?  Stressing out over becoming older looking will only speed up the rate at which wrinkles are forming on your pretty/handsome face. For more info on that take a look at this article.

So how does B handle her birthday?  I actually enjoy my birthday.  I have amazing people to celebrate with, I get gifts, I get to eat a lot of cake.  I cannot be sad having frosting.  It’s just physically impossible for me.  I treat my birthday as a marker for keeping myself in check- aka staying on a track to being better than I was the year before.  I’m definitely in a better place than last year because of all the things I’ve accomplished.  I’m proud of what I’ve done and what I plan to do for this coming year.  That’s all a birthday is- a marker for your progress.  So maybe this year on your birthday when you reflect back you’ll find yourself filled with pride about your achievements.  Maybe you’ll feel that you could have done more, and then set a firm course of action to make this year better than the last.  When you stop treating your birthday like the plague and start embracing it as a day where you can and should fully enjoy yourself- you just might actually enjoy it.   Thanks for reading- my audience is one gift that I really adore this year.