I sat down to my Sunday brunch for thought from yesterday and wanted to share my answers to all three courses with you…the answers are actually the story of how I came into this field.  So here’s a little background on B…

What attracted me to life/career coaching?

My original job background/degree was in accounting.  Before I graduated from college I knew that it wasn’t for me.  But I did spend a few years working in the field, at both a big four and then my family practice ( an CPA/ law firm).  At the family firm I liked the people I worked with, I knew the client’s since childhood, and I love working with my father (shocking for most I know.)  So I stayed there, but I felt myself completely disconnected from the work.  I had no desire to grow in the field, it was a paycheck for me and nothing more.  Having always stood out in school or what I like to call “shine,” I was growing more and more uncomfortable with my mediocrity.  I could do the work- but I wasn’t do anything remarkable with it.  I missed being remarkable.  I had always taken an interest in psychology growing up; I actually enjoyed listening to people’s tough situations and offering my guidance to solve the problem.  I happen to be fairly rational, like to plan/organize, and most importantly, seeing people happier because their problem has been remedied makes my day.  So I started exploring other career options and found out about life coaching.  I remember that stressful night during tax season when I took a break to get frozen yogurt with my friend Erin.  In the middle of eating I blurted out that I had to get out of accounting and find a career.  I told her that I had been doing research on life coaching.  She told me that she knew a man from Tony Robbins coaching company, Gabriel Legacy (he became my mentor in this and I went through his program to ultimately get me into this field.)  She put us in touch (I figured he would help me sort out if coaching was right for me, or if another field would be better since this was his job anyhow) and the rest is history…

Has this career fallen short, met, or exceeded my expectataions?

100 % exceeded.  I never thought that I would find work so fulfilling, so in tune with what I love to do; and be able to tell people that corny line- I love what I do and it does not feel like work at all.

What do I love most about my work?

When I hear feedback from client’s saying how much more motivated/ positive they felt since starting to work with me.  When I hear that clients feel a shift in the quality of their lives because they are accomplishing their goals.  When I hear that they generally feel more uplifted/happy after our sessions.  I am truly lucky because I am for the most part a really happy person; being able to impart that feeling on others is one of the greatest feelings ever.  That’s why I love my work.