Welcome back for part 3 of my discussion on the professional side of your life.  Last post I discussed the difference between a job and a career.  I also asked you- the audience, to think about whether you are currently in a job or career.  For those of you who have a career- bravo on staying true to pursuing your passion.  For those of you who realized that you’re work is just a job- congratulations!  Understanding that you aren’t in the right place work-wise is the first step to finding your career.  So what’s step two?  Well basically you’ll need to get started on discovering what your passion is; this will help lead you toward a career.  In order to do that you’ll need motivation.  Everyone is different when it comes to what factor truly motivates them.  For some people knowing that they aren’t in the right place will push them to want to find that something else.  Other people, knowing they only have a job, will become more sensitive to everything they dislike about the position, leading them to feel more miserable at work and then leading them to search for their passion.  For most people motivation is best gained through an external source.  Those means are more structured and provide a consistent flow of motivation toward the goal at hand.  Think about it- if you have no one on your back but yourself, slacking off is a lot easier.  So people will often begin to take classes and/or hire a life/career coach or career counselor.  The whole idea is to find the method that will help you get to that career in the most effective way possible.  Now of course you have to reach this place of motivation- or wanting to be motivated, in a genuine way.  This means that no one forced you to explore your true career calling.  It usually appears as a physical feeling- maybe becoming jumpy, anxious, antsy or having body temperature rise.  However it manifests in you, understand that it is a window that opens and closes.  When you have that extreme desire to jump into action to make a change just go with it.  Then make sure that whatever plan you choose to keep you motivated  holds you accountable.  When working with clients I have a no excuses policy.  A firm approach will yield effective and quick results.  Implement that structure into your plan and your new passion driven career will become realized faster than you thought.  Happy Saturday!  See you tomorrow for Sunday brunch (the best virtual meal of the week!)