Yesterday I broke the news to everyone that having a job or career means being in a relationship.  Then I further explained that experiencing feelings of wanting to quit or change careers is similar to a break-up.  Generally speaking people tend to get that escape feeling from their jobs- not careers.  You may be wondering what is the difference between a job and a career?  I went to which has a link to and interestingly enough listed career and job as synonyms.  They could not be more wrong- there I said it.  A job is a place/task/obligation you have to fulfill because it pays the bills and occupies your time.  You’re there because you have to be- not because you want to be.  There’s no connection, desire to climb the totem pole, to shine or reach your full potential.  You take every chance you can to take a day off, go on vacation or step out for a break.  If you are saying yes to most of these qualities then you have a job.  On the other hand, do  you wake up most mornings feeling excited, motivated and optimistic about day ahead?  Does the money you earn feel equally as important as the work you’re doing?  Are you constantly striving to be the best in your field?  Do you dream of reaching your maximum potential in what you’re doing?  If most of the answers to these questions are yes then you have a career.  Everyone experiences negative feelings about both job and career.  The difference is that with a career you’re willing to see past those issues because of the passion you have; finding fault at your job just increases how much you wish you were doing something else.  The differences are blaring.  So many people are fully aware that they have jobs but will not look for a career for a variety of reasons like feeling overly obligated, lazy or scared.  How can you motivate yourself toward leading a happier, more optimistic, passionate or energetic life?  Find out in my next post…until then do a little evaluation of your current work status and see if it’s a job or career you have.