I just got back from a Miami vacation.  I absolutely love that place!  It’s like my home away from home being that I’m so familiar with it and some of my amazing friends live there.  Miami is also the home to one of my favorite dance spots in the world- MYNT.  The music is just perfect there and I HAVE to dance from the moment I step inside.  My girlfriends and I are big picture takers.  We love to document all of these special occasions- and yes we may overdo the photos at times, but at least we will always have the memories.  I posted this weekend’s album on facebook and I immediately got a few comments from people like “gee looks like you had a GOOD time” but not in a sincere or jealous voice.  This statement was said in a disapproving tone.  I looked back at the album and wondered what was so scandalous about the pictures I posted?  All I could see that may have looked a little “wild” was one photo from a bachelorette party I went to; in the photo there was a hot pink male body part.  Is that so offensive and crazy?  It was a BACHELORETTE PARTY after all!  Then there are a few pictures of my friends and I standing on the couches in the night club.  Does standing on a couch really scream out- CRAZY, OUT OF CONTROL, REBELLIOUS PERSON?  I’ll be honest- it gets pretty crowded in these venues and so instead of being knocked into and having my tan suede shoes ruined by a cranberry juice based drink, I avoid the pushing, shoving, toe-stepping-on, and spillage by taking a step up to safety (aka the couch).  I like it up there.  It’s more airy, roomy and I have a great view.  Standing on the couch allows me to focus on and enjoy the music and experience in general.  It helps me have more fun.  Does that mark me as an irresponsible, wreck-less, immature person? Absolutely not.  When was an age limit imposed on enjoying yourself?  The answer is: it wasn’t; however it seems that an unwritten code exists saying it is wrong to have too much fun after a certain age.  I’ll qualify that too much fun could fall in the category of truly wreck-less behaviors such as drug use or any illegal activity. But last I checked standing on a piece of furniture or staying out late doesn’t put me at risk for arrest.  Recently I’ve been attending/reading a lot about bringing back enjoyment/fun to adult life.  It really saddens me that as we get older our levels of fun seem to diminish.  And then after being starved of this fun, we try to bring it back to our lives at full force.  Often times bad situations occur because we push the limits as we try to achieve that ultimate experience.  Denying yourself fun is like going on an extreme diet.  Maybe you’ll stick to it for a while, but after a certain period of time you’ll give in and binge on what you’ve been missing.  Why live a life so out of balance?  Go ahead and enjoy yourself!  Do the things that bring you joy no matter how silly or out of current character they may seem.  Those who judge you are probably just jealous or angry from a lack of fun in their lives.  Dancing on a couch doesn’t make you an immature person; but trying to sabotage someone’s fun does.