Happy New Year! 2011 has just begun and is filled with endless possibilities.  Most of you have probably come up with a few resolutions for this year; and being that 2011 has just started, your enthusiasm to achieve is high.  However, as most of us know, our dedication to these resolutions diminishes, often within the first few weeks of the new year.  Why?  Well many of us have forgotten to make the most important resolution of all- Resolve to accomplish your resolutions.  Though seemingly redundant, this technique will actually help increase the chance that your set of 2011 “to do’s” get done.  Why?  Well for starters, not only do you have the particular goal to accomplish, but you have the goal of accomplishing your goal in the mix.  I’ll illustrate through the classic example of weight loss.  You want to lose 15 lbs by spring.  So there’s goal #1.  Now, since you also vowed to accomplish all your goals, the act of accomplishing is a resolution itself.  So, 15 lbs lighter, not only did you lose weight, but you also achieved in general- that’s two accomplishments.  If you fail to lose the weight, and then fail your goal as a whole, well my friend thats two failures.  For those of us who do not accept failure, attaching extra weight to failure can push us toward success more easily.  Another way to think of it, is that achieving, and achieving the goal is a double win; the opposite is a double lose.  Do you really want to be a bigger loser?  Hopefully not, so make losing a little more painful by resolving to resolve.  Making accomplishment  its own resolution will require you to strategize how you will achieve each individual resolution.  When a plan or course is mapped out for success, executing and succeeding becomes much more likely.  So for today’s Sunday Brunch for Thought, think about and plan how you will achieve each resolution; then make achievement your umbrella resolution.  A mindset for success is the key ingredient for winning.