In a little less than 15 hours we will welcome in the year 2011.  On what my father calls “erev” ( which means day before) new years eve, I’ve always liked to do an assessment of my year in review.  I’ll acknowledge all the great things I’ve accomplished, reminisce about the great moments, and look at my choices in general.  I rarely look back at my year and call anything I did a mistake.  Why?  Well our choices shape our experiences, which help us grow.  Maybe we made a choice and it helped us find a great path or person; but maybe that choice led us down the wrong road.  If the latter occurred, we simply steer clear of that choice again.  Choices are learning experiences for the better or the worse.  Not many things should be considered mistakes; a mistake lands you in prison, or the hospital.  A good choice or a bad choice help develop your character.  And once again I’ll say everything happens for a reason.  Believe me its true.  I find it really destructive when people consider what could have happened if they had done “y” instead of “z.”  Instead of focusing on what you cannot control because its in the past (and last I heard the time travel machine from “Back to the Future” was still not available for use) focus on what you can do in this coming year.  You are totally in control of your future.  While you can’t predict what choices you will have to make this coming year as a whole, you can a. set a course for which you’d like to follow in general, b. set a course which you’d like to avoid in general and c. make some large goals you’d like to achieve (you’ll need to consistently make choices to keep you on track).   So take a look back at your 2010.  Find what made you happy, what you achieved and what you’d like to avoid this coming year.   Set your course for an amazing 2011…there’s no better time to start then now!  Happy New Year!!