I apologize for stating the obvious- everyone has certain activities/chores/routines that they simply hate doing.  You dread having to do “x.”  In fact you think about what other awful activities you’d be happier doing than “x.”  The bad news is that unless “x” is can be completely eliminated from your life without any negative repercussions, there’s just no avoiding it.  I’ll use my own personal example of having to clean off the clothing on the chair in my room.  The hanging/refolding the clothing is  not enjoyable for me; on top of the fact that this chair just magically seems to refill itself within two days.  What am I even bothering to clean the clothing off of it for if it won’t remain clean a few days later.  (Clearly this chore really irritates me.)  Now I’ll return back to my Positivb state and offer a solution to lessen the pain of such activities.  Why not challenge yourself to make these undesirable activities a little more tolerable (or even fun) for you.   Better yet, make this process into a game.  So back to my example, I turned the cleaning off my chair into a race against the clock.  I allotted 2 minutes to get all the items folded or hung up.  If I was able to stay within the time frame I gave myself a reward like 15 extra minutes of facebook time (don’t mock me, we all do it.)  Now after doing this do I look forward to cleaning off my messy chair?  No.  However, the task becomes fun when it needs to, and I’m a little less aggravated or overwhelmed by the activity.  Another way to put a positive spin on an annoying activity is to use it as a break when you need one.  For example, sometimes when I’m writing or doing other work I slow down after a while.  I feel like I’m not getting anywhere and I know I need to do something else to get my mind working properly again.  Now I really hate filing away papers.  However, when I’m at the point where I desperately need a low brain level activity, filing is perfect.  So I use an NLP technique and create an anchor that illustrates filing as an activity done to recharge my brain.  Do I now love the filing?  No.  However, I do love the break that it gives me when I really need one.  So embrace the child in you and play the game of making the dreaded tasks enjoyable.  Ready, set, GO!