Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays for a variety of reasons.  I have some sentimental value attached to the holiday in addition to the fun of dressing up.  Stepping into a different identity for a short time can be really refreshing.  The act can even help us discover something about ourselves that has been missing from our lives.  For example, I dressed up as a ballerina; it got me thinking about how much I loved dancing when I was younger and how I don’t do it enough.  Now I’m feeling compelled to go out and incorporate dancing into my leisure activities.  And so, I’ve added variety to my life and increased the number of activities to do on my feel good list.  Should it only be once a year that we step outside of our routine selves and possibly find another aspect of joy to add to our lives?  Absolutely not!  Routine has many positive aspects but it can also create boredom; feeling bored is negative.  So I propose that on a more frequent basis we impose a halloween type day or event for ourselves.  Step outside the box. Experience life in a new way; you never know what you might find and who it could make you become.  The next great you might be a costume change away.  Happy Halloween!

P.S. I love indulging in candy on Halloween (and any other chance I get) but I’m not always feeling so positive about myself after the sugar rush ends.  For tips and advice on loving your candy and body check out this blog: http://nutrishlin.wordpress.com